The Ford Invades DTLA!

If you were tooling around Downtown LA last Friday, you might have seen a few of us. With our space in the final stages of construction, we needed a place to play.

So we packed up our artists (well, three of the groups in our summer season anyway) and headed on over. Our new friends at The Broad Museum, Grand Central Market and Angel City Brewery welcomed us with open arms. Thanks guys!

The Filharmonic at Broad-lowresWe started off the day right, with coffee and a serenade. The Filharmonic harmonized and beatboxed their rendition of “Shut Up and Dance with Me” in front of the beautiful Broad Museum, to the surprise and wonder of those waiting in line.

Versa-Style at GCM by Kim KandelFrom there, we moved on to Grand Central Market for a lunch and hip-hop break. A potpourri of food options satisfied everyone’s cravings. We were just settling in for a post-lunch coma when Versa-Style Dance Company popped up from their seats and woke everyone up with their rad hip-hop moves to “Too Hot” by Captain Obvious.

Vaud & Villains at ACB-lowresWe topped off our day in DTLA at Angel City Brewery where Vaud & the Villains got everyone jazzed with their raucous 1930s New Orleans orchestra and cabaret show, performing their original song, “It All Ends the Same.” A truly perfect ending to our fun-filled day.

Stay tuned…we’ll be sharing videos from the day throughout the summer.

The Filharmonic will be performing as part of The Fil-Am Collective Music Show on July 24, Vaud and the Villains will villainize the Ford August 19 and Versa-Style Dance Company presents Box of Hope on September 17. Find out about all the Ford has to offer this summer at

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